Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your nightmares became reality?  What if your darkest fears were brought to life?  How would you react?  Would you be scared?  Would you be in pain?  Maybe you wouldn't feel anything at all.  These questions plagued the mind of Brokenharts Asylum's head surgeon, Dr. Vanburen.  No one understood Vanburen's fascination with people's fears.  He began to do inhumane experiments on each of his patients so he could find the answers to his questions.  Slowly, the good doctor began to go mad.  His experiments became worse and worse. No one could get in Dr. Vanburen's way, and if they did, he simply took care of them.  Soon, he had the entire asylum all to himself and his crazy "experiments".  Still to this day he is looking for the answers to his questions and he won't stop until he gets them.

Now here is your part in our journey. You will see the asylum  through  the mind  of his patients.  This is where Doctor Vanburen performed  his many "treatments".  You will guide yourself through the dark hallways of the asylum. Around every corner is another hideous "treatment" room for you to see and even be part of. Watch out, for it is said that patients still roam the halls of this deserted place.  Some alive and some...DEAD! Maybe the good doctor may help treat some of your hidden fears. What are you afraid of?



Meet Victor Vanburen

...the son of Dr. Vanburen


  Victor  has a PROBLEM . . . He likes to bite. PEOPLE !

Come and see victor and his "friends" at Brokenharts Asylum this Fall !


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