wHaT yOu WaNt To KnOw AbOuT uS. WHY? we don't know!

James Starosta (Owner / Operator) with his father Jamie (Technical Director)

Imagine this...you are walking down a dark, narrow hallway.  You can feel your heart beating in your chest.  There is nowhere to run (well walk there is no running in the haunt!).  As you continue down this endless hallway, the hairs on the back of your neck begin to stand up.  The haunting eyes of the portraits hanging on the walls seem to follow your every move.  Can you escape?  Come to Screamin' Demons Haunted Attractions and find out!  This state of the art haunted attraction combines animatronic props, live actors and high tech theatrical effects for the ultimate haunted experience.  Our victims are sent on a self guided tour where you will encounter the most horrific scenes imaginable.  This attraction is not for the faint of heart.  If and when, you find your way out, come and see "The Sideshow Of Horrors" where you can see the finger of Vlad Dracula.  Along with, the one and only preserved vampire child.
     You will not want to miss it!  Check back with us for more information.

So Scary, It Hurts!

Screamin' Demons Haunted Attractions is a newly formed company. We are located in Pennsylvania. We have been building and designing haunts for years in Northeast Pennsylvania. Now we have decided to take the next step and produce one of our own. We have seen what works and what does not. Now we have put it all together and produced one of the most exciting and scary haunted attractions you will ever see.